The piece takes place in a see-through factory producing leather wallets, where the audience has the chance to work, earn, sweat, resign, succeed, conform or strike. 10 people that stepped into the room as equal citizens and leave it the way they chose to. They are 10 balanced people asked to operate what the modern world is based upon: profit. The audience observes the way in which society has shaped them, has shaped itself.

Directed and Written by: Ioana Păun

Devised in collaboration with with Maria Pitea, Giorgio Cadamuro, Taghrid Choucair-Vizoso, Simina Cojocaru, Windson Liong, Neusha Milanian and Fiona Whitelaw.

Produced by Theatre Royal Stratford East and Romanian Cultural Institute in London.


Theatre Royal Stratford East dedicated page: Here

Reviews: Artpit / Ioana Diaconu (eng)

ArtAct Magazine / Cristina Modreanu (ro)

Project Visualization : Here


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