On September 22nd 2013, Ioana Paun and Maria Draghici relocate 50 angry young people to a village, into an imaginary 2015 when Romania is no longer a state but a private enterprise. This dystopian village was entirely bought—the land, houses, animals and people—by a large exploiting company. Exposed fully frontal to the imminent bulldozing of the entire village, the participants get positioned as either attackers or defenders of Romania Enterprise. But the arrival of the bulldozer suddenly destabilizes the core identities of the ones involved: the victim becomes the aggressor, the director becomes the dictator and the dictator becomes the negotiator. They slowly get absorbed into a hectic battle that pushes them to rely blindly on something that was no longer clean: the water. A film that equates the democracy sham of the Romanian state and the production politics of cinema.

a #norma production. a film by Ioana Paun and Maria Draghici.

Present at: Adhocracy – Onasis Centre Athens, Interantional Political Film Festival Bucharest, International Experimental Film Festival Bucharest, Performance Platform Lublin, CINEProtesteaza – National University for Film and Theatre Bucharest.

Supported by: National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest, National University of Theatre and Cinematography Bucharest, Griffon and Swans, Fundatia Arte Vizuale, Letca Municipality, Milcovatu Primary School.

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