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The performance is based on a 3 year investigation of the entire domestic labour placing system in Romania. In a country well-known for its export of domestic labour, hiring exotic in-house helpers is becoming a status symbol. Although Domestic Products is based on the experience of migrant women, it tells the story of domestic work, both paid and unpaid. Domestic Products speaks about the real price of household and reproductive labour and instigates against its sexualisation.

A play by: Xandra Popescu / Directed by: Ioana Păun / Investigation: Laura Ștefănuț / Sound: Cătălin Rulea / Choreography: Carmen Coțofană / With: YNIA and Smaranda Nicolau / Vocals: Diana Miron.

:  The Calvert Journal  :  Petrie Inventory  :  Romanian National Television   :
:  Romania Libera  :  VICE  :


Fabrica de Pensle Cluj – 23 June @ 8 pm
Schauspielhaus Vienna – 21 June 2016 @ 8 pm
Danubia Connection – Stadt Theatre in Ingolstadt April 2016
One World Romania – May 2015
Temps D’Images -November 2015
National Theatre Iasi – October 2015
German Theatre Timisoara – November 2015
National Theatre Craiova – November 2015
Tamási Áron Magyar Színház – November 2015
Explore Dance Festival – October 2014

Nominated for Ministry of Culture Awards / AFCN for Best Social Inclusion Project

Project funded by AFCN 2014 & 2015. Produced by: Ioana Paun.

Partners: Atelier 35, The Filipino Community in Romania, Radio Europa FM, Salonul de Poiecte, Think Outside The Box, VICE, ARCA – Romanian Forum for Refugees and Migrants, WASP – Working Art Space & Production, Romanian Cultural Institute.



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