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In a city that survives only on tourism a local physician discovers a truth that polarizes the whole community: the water is contaminated. The death of a boy launches a war on interests between the local media, the investors, local council, business men and the mayor. In the middle of these events lays alone, with half of kilo of dynamite, Marta, the local doctor.

The project uses investigation from a formaldehyde factory located inside the Transylvanian city of Sebes that is the root of the dispute between the local authorities and concerned citizens. Formaldehyde was labelled as cancer factor by the International Cancer Research.

Produced by Teatrul Mic & ARPAS, co-funded by IBSEN Scolarship
Directed by Ioana Paun
Written by Smaranda Nicolau after a Henrik Ibsen play
Investigation: Laura Stefanut
Set and music: Catalin Rulea
Actors: Ioana Flora, Miki Dobrin, Ilinca Manolache, Catalina Balalau, Mihaela Radescu.

Teatrul Mic: 4, 24 May 2015
20 March 2015
National Dance Centre: 12 December 2015
Teatrul Foarte Mic: 29, 30 September; October; November 2015
Bucharest International Platform 2015

In the press
Casa Jurnalistului   :   Iulia Popovici / Observatorul Cultural  :   Radio 7  Radio Romania Cultural Radio Romania Bucuresti



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